stand out from the crowd
You don't need the latest fabrics or trendiest gadgets to create a cozy living environment, and you don't need to fill a webpage with the newest digital toys to create a place that makes you happy. Whether you want to advertise a business or just your favorite vacation photos, we'll help you out.

Existing Pages/Sites
  • Cleaning up layout, $200
  • Reworking color scheme, $50
  • Resizing/editing graphics, $150
  • . Custom Pages/Sites
  • 1-3 pages, $400
  • 4+ pages, $700
  • Custom graphics, $50/graphic

  • Tired of your existing page, and just looking for some fresh ideas? Sometimes two heads really are better than one. Try our Imagination consulting service. We'll take a look at your site to see how it might be rejuvenated, and work with you to come up with exciting and simple ways to "jazz it up". Fees start at just $10.

    We are pleased to receive payments through PayPal, and will also accept cashier's checks or money orders. At this time we cannot accept credit cards or personal checks. We also recognize that not everyone can afford the prices charged by professional web designers these days. To this high-tech problem we propose a low-tech solution: the barter system. Bartering is available for personal pages only. Contact us for details.

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